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Who We Are

Our Leadership represents a broad spectrum of gifts, talents, and passions, and is an advocate for Love. Our members work hard to ensure long-term sustainability of the organization so that the funds raised directly affect results in our community and beyond.

  • Email:

    I've worked in a variety of ministry settings over the past 20 years. I love being called to these areas of ministry as it seems each day is different than the past. I'm looking forward to seeing the vision God has given us for Co-Op play out in the coming months, years, and how it will positively impact Lincoln and beyond. I hope you'll come check us out and become a part of our community - I look forward to getting to know you and your passions. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my wife (Stephanie), our son & daughter, and other family & friends.


  • Mandy

    Mandy has been with Co-Op since the beginning, we asked her to use her amazing graphic design skills to create our image. Fun fact; the original Co-Op logo was designed while she was on a bus in Croatia. It's fair to say that 98% of the visuals you see from Co-Op have somehow passed through her hands, which is good - if we left it to our Director we wouldn't look as good as we do!
    Mandy serves Co-Op 513 through her dedication to our SMC Team each year, helping with planning and directing our events. Her creativity both graphically and otherwise help us stay true to our mission to Worship & Serve with Love!

  • Zac

    Zac currently serves as the Pastor for First Presbyterian Church in Beatrice, NE. He has in one way or another be involved in Co-Op since we began. As listening ear, advisor and friend to our Director in the early years to now more officially as part of the Leadership Team. Zac loves God and has a passion for serving others through ministry and everyday life. He and his amazing wife have two daughters.

  • Kris

    Kris and her husband Brian have been involved with Co-Op since early on. As Owners of Leadership Harbor, they helped in development of our initial Leadership Team and solidifying where it was we were going in pursuing God's call for Co-Op. Kris enjoys serving her community in a variety of ways and brings a fresh straight-forward approach to new ministry.