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The Table

What do you bring to The Table?  The Co-Op Table! A ministry partnership with the best coffee shop in town; The Harbor!

Simply put, The Co-Op Table is a Nexus.  A Nexus is a connection or link, a connected group.  This is a place to connect people in our community. 

We believe we all have resources and we all have needs.  

Sometimes more of one than the other.  But when we become connected (Nexus), when we know our community we know where to turn when a need arises.  A table to share coffee with a friend, new or old, to chat, share your story, and listen to others.  When you come to this table be prepared for connections, we may be crazy, but we think this may just change our community and your life!

Bring your needs - 

Big or small we want to help make connections to meet them.  Whether you need a meal, listening ear, or HVAC repair, or things in between we want to hear your need and help you find the resources to a solution. 

Bring your resources - 

Big or small we want to put your resources to work.  Maybe you have a skill that could eventually match a need (plumber, technician, expert on interview prep, etc.).  Maybe you have the resources to help financially.  Whatever it is your resources could help change a life.  

So, What can you bring to The Table?  Join us at whatever level you're able and journey with us as we connect needs with resources in our community: 

your monthly support allows us to pick up the tab for a cup of coffee as we build a community and learn about needs & resources.  it will allow us to have funds available to just say "yes" when a need is presented. it will help Co-Op to continue to worship & serve with Love to a community and so much more.  

Have a non-financial resource - let us know what it is - for example, are you a plumber, mechanic, or have some other skill you'd maybe be willing to offer if a need arises? Let us know here