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Community Connections Table

Summer Mission Camp

The Co-Op Community Connections Table

Or just The Table for short! 

Simply put...a place to connect people in our community.  Needs with Resources.  Neighbor with Neighbor.  Dreams with Goals.  People with Coffee! 

We want to build relationships with each other, get to know you, learn what your needs are and connect you to your community.  The Co-Op Table, set apart, yet connected to the community that is The Harbor - a table where we'll often be.  You're invited to sit.  Invited to chat and share your story, and to listen to others.  We may be crazy, but we think this could just change our community and your life! 

We're really excited about this new way for you to get involved with Co-Op and engage in your community!  There are so many ways to spend $30; movie night, dinner out, concert, shopping.  Or, you could help change a life.  It's not a lot, but $30 goes a long way to help connect people's needs with the time, knowledge and resources they need.  The really awesome part - Giving makes your life more exciting too!  Try it and you'll see.  Just knowing you're impacting lives in your community makes daily life a little more thrilling.  

So, join us at whatever level you're able to provide a cup of coffee and begin connecting needs with resources: 

With the Table just getting set up we've had an awesome church lend us 6 high top chairs/stools for the time being.  So, we're in the market to purchase some - we're looking for about 6 people to donate $50 to sponsor a stool for The Table.  If you're able please make your tax-deductible donation HERE! Thank you for helping get this ministry up and running.