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Summer Mission Camp

SMC Policies & Procedures


Refund Policy - 

Due to the high demand for camp spaces and in order to keep costs as low as possible, all sales are considered final.  SMC reserves the right to cancel any camp due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances, in which case a refund will be issued.  Cancellations are official upon receipt of confirmation from SMC.  


Transfer Policy - In the event a registered youth can no longer attend - the youth/family or Youth Leader can transfer that spot to another youth up to 2 weeks prior to camp.  T-shirt sizes are not guaranteed in the event of a Transfer beyond the date in which SMC places the final shirt order.  


Group Youth Leaders -

SMC Camp would not be possible without the great leadership of those who come with the various church groups.  We realize everyone brings different gifts to the table.  SMC highly recommends the Youth Leader/Pastor prayerfully consider which adult/s are the best match to bring for their youth and a trip like this.  SMC Camp is probably not the best place to introduce a new leader to the worlds of youth ministry.  Leaders should be in a role of leadership with your teenagers. 

Make sure the adult/s you bring on SMC are capable of handling the things that come at you during a week long youth trip.  Each Leader will need to be able to co-lead a small group, lead by example on worksites, be present and focused on SMC during the week, stay up until after all youth are in for lights out each night and generally able to maintain the schedule of the week.  

Leaders should be at least 21 years old.

Background Checks -

To promote a safe environment all adults participating in, traveling with SMC are required to pass an annual Background Check and meet any requirements of their churches Child Protection Policies.  A verification form will be required to be signed by a Pastor/Church Leader not attending SMC.  


Phones/Technology -

Youth are not allowed to bring phones, smart devices, tablets, game systems, or any other tech devices on any SMC Camp.  If found they will be confiscated and shipped home on the last day of camp.  

Adult Leaders may have their phones but are asked to use them only for emergencies and communicating with other leaders on the trip, and should not be used in the presence of youth or during group times. 


Transportation - 

SMC arranges for transportation to, from and during SMC Camps.  This is included in the cost of the event.  This is what makes SMC unique and helps to build community before the team even arrives at the camp sites.  We highly recommend all plan to take advantage of the arranged transportation.

In order to respect everyone at SMC Camp(s) and the tight schedule we are unable to make extra unplanned stops to pick up or let off attendees.  Please plan to ride all the way start to finish! 


Alcohol/Drugs/Weapons - 

Alcohol, illicit drugs and weapons are strictly forbidden at SMC. Anyone (leaders/youth) in possession of such items will be sent home immediately. To ensure the safety of youth, we request that any prescription drugs and other medications be held in the custody of one of the Adult Leaders from your group.


Abuse/Harassment - 

SMC prohibits sexual harassment, harassment, and physical and/or sexual abuse in the course of SMC camps/activities or ministries. SMC will contact appropriate authorities to investigate any allegations of such misconduct in accordance with applicable law.


Suicide / Mental Health Concerns - 

The mental health of SMC Participants is important to us.  Any suicide ideations/threats/attempts should be brought to the attention of SMC Director/Co-Directors immediately.  

The SMC Director(s) in conversation with the appropriate Youth Leader(s), and when possible the youth will: 

a) when determined there is immediate danger make arrangements for the youth to receive appropriate help/evaluation by medical/mental health professionals.

b) when no immediate danger is present a safety plan will be created to insure the safety of the youth and other SMC participants - both immediately & throughout SMC.  Which may include emergency protective custody, &/or making arrangements for youth to be sent home.

c) consult with/update parents/guardians, unless doing so is determined to put the youth in greater danger by doing so. 


Clothing - 

Appropriate clothing should be worn throughout SMC by all participants.  All participants are encouraged to look at what graphics/logos/words appear on t-shirts/other clothing.  Please make sure it speaks to who you are and the image you are representing while on SMC.  

Appropriate clothing also includes sleepwear.  Please know you will be sharing a room with your peers and what you wear should not make your roommates or leaders checking rooms feel uncomfortable.  If you have questions please ask. 


First-Aid/Medical - 

Each participating group is asked to bring a First-Aid Kit.  SMC Staff will have some kits - but with having groups on multiple worksites we need enough to cover all areas our participants will be.  

Please inform SMC Leadership if any of the leaders you are brining are certified in First-Aid, CPR, or any advanced medial fields (i.e. Nurse, EMT, Paramedic, etc). Basic First-Aid can be administered by Leaders with the supplies in our first-aid kids.  In the event more medical attention is needed the injured will be taken to an appropriate facility to seek treatment.  

**Youth Leaders make sure you bring 2-copies of your churches Medial/Liability Release forms for each participant in the event medial treatment is needed.  


Keys - 

Keys may be issued to participants (usually room keys) and are the responsibility of each participant to return at check-out.  A charge of $15/key will be assessed for any lost/missing keys at check-out time.  


Sending A Youth Home - 

Our desire is that each participant experience all of SMC.  If, in the unlikely event SMC Staff &/or Group Youth Leaders determine a youth needs to be sent home for safety or discipline issues the Parent/Guardian will be notified.  It is then the expectation that the Parent/Guardian will begin to immediately make arrangements for this to happen.