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Summer Mission Camp

SMC - Camp '19

Registration for both Groups & Individuals Is OPEN!

June 9-14

Camp '19 will be an opportunity for Middle & High School youth, to connect with each other, their faith & the communities around Snow Mountain Ranch, CO.  A week out of our comfort zones to explore God's Love, to share that love with those we serve & those we'll camp with.  

Register Now!

SMC 2019 has a limited # of spaces.  We encourage groups to register as soon as they decide to join SMC in 2019.  Groups are required to pay a deposit of $250 to reserve however many spots you need. When Registering, Groups must indicate the number of spots they are reserving - you are responsible for the full payment on these spots based on the Tier you register.  You may add more spots (if available) but cannot subtract from what you’ve reserved.  


Reserve 10 spots in Tier 1, pay $250 deposit and a final due of $4,200.00 on those spots even if you don’t fill all 10.  

Reserve 10 spots in Tier 1, pay $250 deposit, add 2 additional spots in Tier 2 pricing (495) total due (after initial deposit) $5,190.00


Registration Rate Tiers: 

Tier 1 (Early Bird) - $445.00  - July 1 - Sept 16, 2018 

Tier 2 (Standard) - $495.00 - Sept 17 - Dec 31 2018 

Tier 3 (Late) - $525.00 - Jan 1 2019 - Whenever The Trip Is Sold Out


Group Deposit Rate: $250.00

Groups members will then have the ability to register as part of their group and at that time pay a $50/person deposit.  The group will then be responsible for remaining due in two installments (one due March 1 and final due May 1 2019).  

Individual Deposit Rate: $50.00

Individuals coming with their church group are required to make their own deposit (after their group has registered with SMC - you'll see your group name appear on the registration dropdown) and their church will make arrangements for the final payments this Spring. 

Individuals coming with our Co-Op group are required to make their own deposit and then payment 50% of remaining by March 1 and final due by May 1 2019.


Have Questions about an SMC Event? Check our FAQ Page, and if you still don't have an answer drop us an email.