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Summer Mission Camp

Summer Mission Camp

Also known as SMC. 

SMC began in 2008 as a new format of the same old youth group mission trip.  Two youth leaders got together and designed what is now known as SMC.  A week of mission trip & summer camp all crammed into one amazing experience.  Over the years we've built great relationships with the communities in Colorado and the growing number of youth & youth groups that have participated in SMC.  Around 340 youth & leaders have participated in SMC since we began 10 years ago.  Many are now serving in leadership in their churches, communities, and even on the SMC Team!  

Although SMC began as a single summer trip each year, our team has been at work dreaming and discerning the future.  We're excited for the possibilities God has put before us and look forward to SMC becoming more than 'just a weeklong summer trip'.