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How To Help

Communities across Nebraska are being impacted by massive flooding and faced with unknown amounts of clean up in the weeks and months to follow.  Serving and connecting NEEDS with RESOURCES is in Co-Op's DNA.  Join us to support with donations financial and of time. 


We're setting an initial goal of $10,000 to send to our connections in several affected communities - EVERY dollar makes a difference!



Many have asked about stepping in and getting their hands dirty with a little bit of hard work.  We're excited to coordinate groups (of most any size) heading to help with relief.  Initially we're going to be sending crews to help in the areas around Fremont.  If you're interested and have a group of two or more fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and we'll get coordinated with any others heading up that day. 

  • Whole day needs to be in Fremont by 7:30a for Briefing // Half day needs to be in by 12:30p for Briefing. 
  • Volunteers needed Monday-Saturday each week. 
  • Volunteers must be age 14+
    • 14-15 must be accompanied by their Parent/Guardian.
    • 16-17 must be accompanied by an Adult Chaperone. 
  • Bring with you to work: 
    • Water.
    • Whole Day sack lunch.
    • Boots (rubber recommended).
    • Gloves & Mask if you have them (can be provided onsite if needed). 

We've also been told that folks with experience in drywalling, HVAC &/or Electrical are needed in another community - if this is you - please indicate that on the form and we'll be in touch.  

We have raised $3,505.00 of our goal.


The Harbor Coffeehouse - this collection would not have taken off like it did without the amazing owners & staff of The Harbor saying yes to parking a truck out front.  We're grateful every day for Co-Op's partnership in ministry with The Harbor, they truly have a servants heart for their community.

Contemplate Lincoln - Adam the Director at Contemplate connected the dots when our idea of a collection was only waiting on a truck - he made the meeting with our friends who provided trucks.  Adam and the Contemplate community are working hard to help staff and coordinate sites with Co-Op's director Chris.  We're especially thankful to Adam's wife Joselyn who celebrated her birthday this week while he collected goods at a site. 

JTech Construction - for providing trucks & trailers at our sites this week, staff to move them around when they started to fill, staff to deliver them full to those waiting in our Nebraska Communities for relief, and throwing all of their Facebook advertising this week to Flood Relief.

Sevn Spero Designs - Mandy is by far our favorite designer and at the drop of a hat, or really the idea to do this designed our flyer, and then changed it Monday when we expanded our effort and partners in this cause. 

Sign Pro - with one phone call our friends at Sign Pro printed banners for our locations to identify where Flood Relief Donations could be left. 

Westminster Presbyterian Church - One of the first to not only commit donations, but taking on major chunks of volunteer staffing a collection site. And their Youth Group asking to open and staff the collection for four hours on the weekend!

 Heartlands Church - telling your congregation this was a way to partner and get items to flood victims.

Pyrtle Elementary 2nd Grade - for providing an opportunity for students and families to partner with us for collections. 

Eastridge Presbyterian Church - for some members helping to staff a collection site and partnering with us as a congregation. 

Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church - for jumping into action to assemble more Clean Up Buckets (they do this regularly, but usually the buckets are ent to other disasters).  All buckets they've assembled since Saturday are staying in Nebraska.  They're still packing, raising money to buy more supplies and planning to pack even more! 

To ALL Those who helped staff a site and dropped off at a site.  Without you this would not have happened.  

this list is continuing to grow...thank you to everyone who is coming together for this relief work! 

NE Flood Relief Worker Volunteer Sign Up
First Name
Last Name
Length of work
Please list the Day/Date you'd be interested/available to work.
List Name & (Age) of those who may be working with you.