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café 513

Come to The Table ~ Come To Serve With Love!

Café 513 is a vision of ministry for Uni Place & the City of Lincoln.  As a pay-what-you-can café is a place for everyone. With no set menu or prices, just suggested donations; everyone can sit at the table and eat, fellowship, meet their neighbors and be filled.  If you can afford the suggested donation or more you put it in the donation box, if you can’t a hour of volunteering at Café 513 earns you a token for a meal.  Everyone can work for and enjoy their meals with dignity.  

Our hope is this will become a hub for a variety of ministry opportunities in our community.  Here are some of the ideas we have: 

  • Milk & Cookies - an after school drop in for neighborhood kids.  A safe place to be after school with a snack, and caring adults to hang out, play games and help with homework.
  • Classes - we envision partnering with local chefs & culinary students, and restaurants to have opportunities to learn skills that can be taken home to feed families.  
  • Penny University - in the 17th & 18th centuries coffee houses were called Penny Universities.  For a penny people would get their cup of coffee and gather for conversation, to learn the news of the day, & discuss matters of mutual concern.  Café 513 becomes a place to gather.  (note: sorry but our coffee will cost more than a penny & will be the best in town!)
  • A network for other ministries & non profits to meet, work, collaborate, and change our community.  

The potential for what Co-Op’s Café 513 can become for Uni Place & Lincoln is  great.  Aside from a command to love and serve, we want to create a place where real change can take place.  Join Co-Op on creating this innovative ministry for our community. With Love!