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The Table

Wk of 8/27 - Ch. 9

Ch. 9 “Just Say Yes”

I used to think you had to be special for God to use you, but now I know you simply need to say yes.”


Am I the right guy? I don’t know but I’m the guy being asked, and the last thing I want to do is miss an opportunity or make God mad, so I just keep saying yes.  Maybe God is doing some inexplicable things in your life. Each of us gets to decide every time whether to lean in or step back - to say yes, ignore it, or tell God why He has the wrong person.

Are you leaning in or stepping back?


The next time God asks you to do something that is completely inexplicable, something you’re sure is a prank because it requires a decision or courage that’s way over your pay grade, something that might even save lives, say yes.


Love Does!